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Oil Pan Removal


Removal of the oil pan is a straightforward task. It involves removing 12 bolts (10 mm hex) from the bottom of the engine. I'd recommend replacing the gasket as well, but that's probably the reason you're removing the oil pan in the first place.

After replacing the gasket and the bolts a few weeks prior, I noticed my bike developed a slow oil leak. To determine where it was coming from, I throughly cleaned the bottom of the engine with a rag, then I sprayed it with a powder foot spray. I saw that the oil leak was coming from the front of the oil pan gasket, so I decided to remove the pan again and investigate.

In the figure below, you can see 7 of the 12 bolts that have to be removed. You will have to remove your exhaust pipes in order to access them.

Oil pan bolts

Here is everything removed. Note the rubber O-ring. Normally, this O-ring sits up in the engine (see below), but it fell out when I removed the pan.

Oil pan removed

Found the problem! It seems that there was some old gasket maternal that I failed to remove the first time I replaced the gasket. You can see the indentations it made in the gasket, which caused the leak.

Indentations in old gasket

You can see the old gasket material on the mating surface below. I also pointed out the spot where the O-ring mentioned above goes.

Indentations and O-ring location

I cleaned it up a bit with a razor blade and some rags.

Cleaned up

I also cleaned up the surface on the pan itself as well. New OEM gasket, and we should be good to go! Like I said, pretty straightforward.

New gasket

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